“They didn’t even look at each other”: new details of the fight that shook the U

The repercussions of the fight between Ronnie Fernández and Cristóbal Campos continue after a training session at the University of Chile. Now other details of the incident emerged that altered the tranquility that the squad had achieved after achieving a key victory, against La Serena, to get away from relegation and also eliminate Universidad Católica in the Chile Cup.

The Mercury He published that, after the attack carried out by the forward and the goalkeeper, those led by Sebastián Miranda held a meeting alone to address the conflict that had arisen. In the meeting without the presence of the DT, “the two involved in the fight did not even look at each other, but they did promise to add to the club’s goals: save U from relegation and qualify for the Copa Chile final.”

Miranda admitted the fact. The coach of the blues, in relation to the fight, stated that “I was surprised, but I didn’t see it. They already had a meeting and I hope it was good, they showed it to me in these training sessions”.

The Santiago newspaper also published that one of the sources of the conflict between Fernández and Campos comes from Diego López’s time at the club. The youngest members of the squad, led by the U goalkeeper, took a dim view of the distance between the seasoned players and the Uruguayan during his tenure at the helm of the Blues.