They develop an infrared light system that can charge a device 30 meters away

MADRID, Sep. 12 (Portaltic/EP) –

A group of researchers has developed a new infrared light system to transmit 400mW of power to a distance up to 30 meters that can allow the charging of mobile devices no wires or plugs.

The studycollected in the specialized publication Optics Expressremember the difficulty of sending enough energy over great distances without endangering people who are in its range, as it is collected andin the press release.

To deal with this problem, a group of researchers from the Sejong University (South Korea) has created a method based on distributed laser charge. This approach distributes the laser optics between the signal transmitter and receiver, rather than placing them close together, so that they recognize each other.

The procedure requires the transmitter to establish line of sight with the receiver to create an energetic bridge between the two. As a preventative measure, the system can automatically switch to a safe mode that lowers its signal strength when it detects an obstacle, like a human limb.

The researchers used an optical power source with a central wavelength of 1,500 nanometers (nm) for their experiment. This figure is in the “safer region of the spectrum”, so it does not imply danger to the skin or the human eye, as they say.

The result has shown that it is possible to transfer a total of 400 mW of power over a distance of up to 30 meters. According to the study, the receiver has then succeeded in converting this signal in 85 mW of useful energy.

The roadmap of these researchers now involves optimizing the efficiency of the receiver, as well as developing a system to charge several receivers simultaneously.

In the future, those responsible for the study believe that the development of this technology may allow the transmission of sufficient energy to charge mobile devicessuch as phones and tablets.

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