“They cheated half of Chile”: Claudio Narea explains the call to students after the plebiscite and attacks the right

The singer Claudio Narea gave his version of the video where he is seen talking with a group of students from the University of Chile who witnessed his show at the Faculty of Law of the house of studies.

“We are here from the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile and the people are not happy, the students are not happy with the result of the Plebiscite. Are you happy?” Narea asked from the makeshift stage. “Noooo!” shouted the future lawyers.

Then, the singer insisted with another query: “Do you want a new Constitution?” The answer was resounding and affirmative.

Already in confidence, Claudio Narea pointed without filter against the right and its different figures.

“They are going to have to fight it a lot, because there are the Macaya, the De la Carrera, all those idiots who are there putting up obstacles”, lashed the musician before continuing with his presentation.

Accused misrepresentation

This brief moment was interpreted, by some, as a call to rebel against the triumph of Rejection in the exit plebiscite.

However, the artists discarded this thesis and accused misrepresentation. “The students were sad about the result. I told them that I don’t think a new constitution will be made. They have some optimism, they believe it can be done. There I told them: they are going to have to fight a lot. End of story. I don’t believe the right wing, ”he specified.

In a second tweet, Narea stated that “there is no reason to agree with that tricky way of winning the plebiscite. They make fun of the most needy and least educated people. The rejection was pure disinformation. They won, yes. Now do what you have always done: enjoy your privileges”.

In addition, the artist responded to the statements of the singer and actress Mara Sedini, who questioned his statements in Without filters.

“What I see is that they deceived half of Chile with their strategy of muddying the text. They made it. They won and the voters have no idea what the vote was about or what they won. Democracy, as it is today, is nothing more than a FARSA”, he concluded.

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