They capture AK4:20 attack on an airport official: the record went viral on networks

This weekend, a record of the violent altercation between the national singer AK4:20 and an official from the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport in Santiago began to circulate on social networks.

The events were recorded by a person who was at the scene, who captured the exact moment in which the singer hit the official of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics.

The images quickly went viral on the web and the singer shared a message that one of his close friends wrote through his Instagram stories.

“My reaction was seen in the context of a discussion with the official, (…) the agent always addressed himself in arrogant and aggressive terms,” ​​wrote the person named Maximiliano.

Along the same lines, he pointed out that “agents who fulfill a role of authority must treat and address people with respect.”

“Without justifying my reaction, which he regretted, it was executed because and as a consequence of the arrogant and arbitrary attitude of the official,” he defended himself.

“We understand that no one is above the law, but respect is a value that has been taught to me from my home, and in this context, it is that the same respect with which I always act, similar behavior is expected from the authority,” concluded.

Check the message that AK4:20 shared on networks here:

AK4:20 via Instagram