“They can come from anywhere”: Vale Ortega’s defense of receiving foolish criticism about her appearance after being a mother

Vale Ortega is quite active on social networks and usually shares records of her day-to-day life with her two children with her followers.

It should be remembered that the former Calle 7 became a mother for the second time in November of last year, welcoming her daughter Sienna. Along with her partner, Jonathan Law, they were already the parents of little Oliver, who will soon be two years old.

However, not all the messages that the influencer has received have been very cool. Through her stories, Vale exposed the misplaced message that she received internally on Instagram.

“You had children and you dress very old. What happened to you Vale? Or does your partner not let you?” Was what a user wrote to Vale.

Vale’s answer

The young woman did not miss the unusual criticism and shared her defense for such comments.

“I leave this as evidence, so that they never allow this type of comment to affect them, because they can come from anywhere,” the influencer began, pointing out.

“But I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from moms dealing with these kinds of people (yes, in 2023),” she continued.

Along the same lines, he responded to the criticism by noting that “I find that I look great. Kisses to the friend she wrote. Good luck to you!”

After this, Vale shared several messages that he received from other mothers who were also criticized by other women, either for their maternity or their appearance after giving birth.

Watch the story below: