They blew up on the Ascent and now they’re close to the big jump

There is only one date left for the end of the Ascent Championship 2022. Magallanes has the best option to return to the First Division, but in Cobreloa they trust that this time they can snatch the place from the carabeleros. The outlook is still uncertain, what is clear is the list of young figures left by the season. They surprised and are in the sights of some casts of the highest category of Chilean soccer.

In total there are seven. The list includes Felipe Espinoza and Yorman Zapata, from Magallanes, Manuel Lolas (Rangers), Matías Plaza (Santiago Wanderers), Bairo Riveros (San Felipe), Jorge Espejo and Axl Ríos (Cobreloa).

shine on the pointer

A decline in the last part of the season put the rise of Magallanes in suspense and the instance was taken advantage of by Cobreloa to extend the resolution of the title in the category until this Sunday. The San Bernardo squad led the standings throughout the year and has had Espinoza and Zapata as good figures, two of the youngest members of the squad.

The first is a central and left back. He is 23 years old and is now completing his fourth season in professionalism. He stands out for his ductility to act on the entire left flank of the defense, he does not exhibit profile problems (he is left-handed) and provides efficiency in individual duels, correct aerial game and precision in ratings.

In conversation with AS, the experienced Felipe Flores, attacker of Magallanes, highlighted the evolution that Espinoza has achieved in the squad: “If I have to give a projection name, and that sometimes goes unnoticed, because it is a defense and a little lower profile, that is Felipe Espinoza. It is the future that the club has and soon we are going to see him in a big team in Chile”.

Zapata’s story, meanwhile, is very different. The Colombian left winger came to the albiceleste team from Universidad Católica, a club where he completed the training process. In San Bernardo, yes, he also reached football maturity. He is a fast outside attacker, with a lot of change of pace and good dribbling, who regularly wins the back and delivers with precision from his sector on the court.

“The dream is to reach the First Division, but first to play and perform in the best way. I would like a rematch in Católica or reach another team in the main category ”, Zapata, 22, said in a dialogue with AS a few months ago. The Colombian, in 2022, has played 26 games and 22 were as a starter.

figures in the north

Cobreloa also put his young people on display. Espejo and Ríos have been two key men in the good campaign of the northerners, which has them closer than ever to a return to the First Division after seven seasons in the Promotion.

Mirror has been the most striking. So much so that his name has at some point been linked to Colo Colo. It is right or left side that runs along the entire lateral strip of the field. His strength is the offensive contribution, with constant splits and good ratings, even from the left, being right-handed. “I take this in stride, I’m focused on moving up, which is the project I’m on today. Obviously it seduces that First Division teams are waiting for you, ”he said, a few weeks ago, to AS.

Ríos, meanwhile, exhibits a little more travel. He is closing his sixth season at Cobreloa and, at 23, he is one of the benchmarks on the squad. He acts as a midfielder, has great display, his positional game is adequate and he is strong in recovering the ball. In 2023 he has ventured as a center back, in the line of three defenders that DT Emiliano Astorga regularly uses, and his football response was adequate.

Other highlights

A good figure of Ascent 2022 was also Bairo Riveros. The left pointer of San Felipe He burst in as a fast attacker, with good goal intention, interesting dribbling ability and collective sense to enable, and even assist, from the side of the field of play. In the division, few forwards show that dominance and control of the functionality of the position.

“I would like to play in Brazilian soccer. I like Gremio and Santos, for Neymar. My references are Ronaldinho, Messi and Neymar, who is my idol now.” Riveros told AS recently. “In 2020 I had to alternate (in ownership) before the pandemic and that helped me to come back even stronger later,” added the one born in Los Andes.

Matías Plaza, meanwhile, experienced an outstanding campaign closure in Wanderers. At the age of 21, he became one of the linchpins of the team led by Michael Ponce, contributing volume of play in offense and willingness to act in different places in the midfield. He goes forward with the ball or through associations. If completion is not possible, it also clearly enables. “He has a very nice future, he is humble, he always works to improve and he is very healthy”, The wandering striker, Carlos Muñoz, commented for AS in relation to the young midfielder.

Other highlights on the Ascent have been Manuel Lola. He had already attracted attention when he appeared in the Rangers forward, aged 17. He is part of the process of the Roja Sub 20 that was preparing to play the South American of the category and, in a squad with many seasoned players, he gradually gained a space. He’s fast, mobile, lightweight and has a 1v1 lean.

“The position that suits me best is right winger, but I can also play as a left winger or as a creative midfielder (…) I think I can give more, I need more confidence, continue to believe and hopefully become a contribution to the team”, said the youth from Rangers.