“They asked me if I was the mother…”: Margot Kahl struck with her incredible resemblance to Denise Rosenthal

In the recent chapter of Hoy se Habla, the panelists began to talk about the “lost twins”, at which point Margot Kahl surprised viewers with a fun revelation.

In the space, María Elena Dressel recalled how Florcita Motuda told her that she looked like Stella McCartney, daughter of the great Paul McCartney, and María José Castro mentioned that her followers had once told her that she looked like Denise Rosenthal.

For her part, Yamila Reyna commented that she had been told that she was just like Penélope Cruz, although Dressel pointed out that she looked more like the sister of the Spanish actress, Mónica Cruz.

As they continued to talk, Margot stopped what she was saying to mention that “they’re telling us there’s someone else who looks like Denise Rosenthal.”

After this, on the screens of the program they projected a comparative photo between the national singer with Margot in her youth, surprising the panelists due to the incredible resemblance between the two.

“All the time!”, “You’re the same”, “Who discovered that?” Commented the driver’s companions when they saw the photos in which they look like two drops of water.

“They ever asked me if I was her mother,” confessed the former Good Morning to All.

Margot then confessed in the photo they showed that she should be about 42 years old, being praised by her fellow show members.