“They are with a psychologist and psychiatrist”: Mauricio Pinilla reveals the drama he lives with his children

Away from the fields, Mauricio Pinilla He had a 2022 with wide media exposure for his foray into television and one or another controversy over faranduleros cahuines.

In conversation with Angélica Castro on the program Trends, from Radio Agricultura, Pinigol opened up about his work as an animator for TVN, but also wanted to refer to the alleged affairs that would have been invented on social networks. “They contaminated me a lot this year with fed up lies,” he clarified from the start.

“I can assure you that 90% has been a lie, and my lawyers are working on the corresponding judicial processes,” said the current ESPN panelist, as he announced a few weeks ago on his Instagram account.

As on that occasion, the former national team regretted that all the cahuín could affect their children. “I have never wanted to go out and clarify anything because I have three children who have been totally violated by this false information,” he said.

“There are published and commented images and I have remained silent. I have done things as they should, but who cleans all that dirt that they threw at you?”, claimed the former footballer.

Affected children

Asked by the interviewer about how his children are, Pinilla was honest: “The three of them are with a psychologist and a psychiatrist. The process they have had to go through is irreparable. The conflicts that I have had, explaining things that are inventions, are lies. He added that he had to close the school year for them a month early “because of all this stupidity they invented.”

“If there is something that interests me, it is that they do not violate the minds of my children,” he stressed.

“The damage is done and the important thing is that today I have regained the trust of my children, who have understood that at least half of these things are false,” he said.