“They are ripping off; everyone knows what happens in Colo Colo”: the ‘Zavala case’ burns

Cristián Zavala is going through a difficult moment in Colo Colo. The forward seeks to emigrate from Macul, after the minimal chances he has had of playing minutes in the team led by Gustavo Quinteros, but the alternatives are fewer and fewer. Curicó Unido, one of the teams that was interested in him, has already ruled out his signing, which aggravates his situation. In this context, the footballer’s father spoke with Las Últimas Noticias and sent a message to DT albo.

“In Melipilla Cristián was given all the confidence and he let go, exploded as a player and there you could see all the performance he could give. But here everything starts with the coach who does not give him confidence. It’s not just a game to prove something. There are people who have been given ten and even twenty games, and they have continued to ban them, but it has not been the case with Cristián, ”said the father of the striker.

Then, he delved into the situation that young players are experiencing today at Cacique: “It’s a matter of listening to Williams Alarcón’s father and everything has been said. I don’t like to argue. Everyone knows what’s going on in Colo Colo and the youngsters are practically tearing themselves away because they’re not emerging. Most likely, Joan Cruz will start, Willy Alarcón has already started. And the bad thing is that the boys have conditions and they are not taking advantage of it”.

Finally, he addressed Quinteros again: “The confidence of the coach cannot be putting a player in for only fifteen minutes or entering when the game is tied or lost. Not everything is pretty and I do tell him when he is wrong to correct it. He has had low games, but I see that he does everything right to be there and several people have said it ”: