“They are preparing something rotten for us…”: in Croatia they uncover Argentina’s alleged plan to get them out of the World Cup

When there are still a little more than 24 hours left for the teams to take to the field, the duel between Argentina and Croatia has already begun to be lived outside of it. And with haaarto spicy.

Just like that, because during the last hours Sportske, a prestigious sports outlet in the European country, published a report that set fire to an alleged plan by the Albiceleste team to get them out of the World Cup in the duel this Tuesday, for the Qatar 2022 semifinals.

“The Argentines are preparing something rotten for us! Three of our players on target and DT Zlatko Dalic has already discovered everything”, is the title of the controversial article that addresses the strategy that the team led by Scaloni would be preparing.

“To write that the Argentines know how to use dirt in the game would not be a bombshell, as this has been witnessed by many who have faced them for decades in World Championships, but on the eve of the semifinals, scandalous news arrives about their preparation for Croatia. and the methods they intend to use ”, they add in the aforementioned medium.

However, in Sportske They went further and told details of the supposed trans-Andean formula to make them lose their heads. “An Argentine player, according to what we were told, admitted to his teammates from his European club that they were entrusted with the task of provoking and giving instructions on how to get the Croats out of rhythm,” they explained,

“That same player, who is the permanent starter for Argentina, in a videoconference with teammates from the club, in addition to the jokes and comments seen so far in the stadiums of Qatar, expressed his belief that he will drive the Croats crazy, that they will break them and they will defeat them in 60 minutes. The dressing room of that club has been buzzing about it ever since…”, they complemented.

The background of what happened against the Netherlands

But that is not all. To support their theory, they also recalled what happened between Argentina and the Netherlands, where the players from the neighboring country had several frictions with the rival team throughout the 120 minutes and even in penalties.

“We cannot say what exactly they intend to do, but we know how anyone behaves when they want to annoy their rival and influence him to start making mistakes,” they said.

“This is a tactic that was already seen with Argentina in the match against the Netherlands, in a high-tension match, and then they did not stand out for their behavior. What’s more, they are not afraid to do what they think will help them succeed,” they detailed in the report.

Of course, as can be read in the letter, Zlatko Dalic is already aware of the Argentine plan.

“Nothing surprising, although it is embarrassing if someone wants to reach the World Cup final. It is clear that Argentina has a great Messi, that they have good players, that they are a quality rival and have difficult football. If Croatia manages to deal with everything else, the playing part will be easier. There is a lot at stake ”, they concluded.