“They are hue….”: Helhue Sukni’s defense against the “toad neighbors” who claimed for the reel he attended

This Saturday night, Helhue Sukni attended a tremendous reel for the birthday of one of her friends in La Reina, but was outraged by the claims of the neighbors of the house.

The lawyer shared a video with her followers on social networks where she detailed the situation she was experiencing, while she danced to the rhythm of the music that bothered those who lived in the sector.

“Friends, I am here at a party and the party is being restricted because of what the toad neighbors (…) the hue… of citizen peace have come to complain because the neighbors say that there are annoying noises in a house where a party is taking place. once a year”, criticized Helhue from the outset.

Along the same lines, he added: “when they came here to chore, nobody knew, now the coolies are there… they are hue…, therefore it seems to Aunt Helhue that the music is going to end, but it is not going to end because I’m going to tell the DJ to play the music louder”.

After this, the lawyer criticized the mayor of La Reina. “You are worth a callampa because your neighbors are like the hole because they are claiming for the music,” Helhue launched.

“But if you are right-wing, you have to allow people to be happy, like Aunt Helhue is, because you are right-wing,” he added.

Watch the full video below: