“They are going to cry”: Amparo Noguera advanced part of the end of “La Ley de Baltazar”

During Sunday night, Amparo Noguera received the award for “best leading actress” for her performance in “La Ley de Baltazar”, where she played mother Margarita.

In this context, the recordings of the teleseries have finished and we are in the final stretch to find out what will happen to the beloved nun, so she spoke with Página 7 about the end of the melodrama and her experience.

“I’m excited. One always gets very nervous in these situations and I haven’t been on television for a long time. I forgot to thank Pancho Reyes, who was my partner, whom I have loved deeply throughout my life. He has been a friend with whom we work very well, ”he began by saying about his return to TV.

Regarding Margarita, he indicated that “it was a character that I had a hard time interpreting from the beginning. It was difficult to grasp her story, but through conversations with Nicolás Alemparte (the director) and the team, we were arming and humanizing this nun ”.

She also thanked her partner who helped her on this long journey. “Marcelo Alonso, my partner, gave me keys to face this job. He was essential. I forgot to thank you on stage, but you just get so nervous,” she said.

The end of sister Margarita

The soap opera is already in its final stretch, and Amparo Noguera is close to saying goodbye to her beloved character.

He also responded to the criticism he has received as a result of his interpretation, and the decisions that Baltazar’s girlfriend has made.

“I think you have to understand that people who dedicate their lives to something, in this case to religion, do not stop feeling. simply, they renounce that, but to renounce implies feeling. She is in love, but she cannot, because she chose to be religious, ”she said to defend the woman.

For this reason, he confessed that, in his opinion, “celibacy should be ended in those things. I can’t get too involved, I don’t know what the priests and nuns think about it, but it’s what I think, ”he said.

Regarding the end of Margarita, he expressed that “I am super satisfied and it is very beautiful. It is a soap opera that has gone a lot towards emotionality, and this ending is going to be like that, emotional”.

“They are going to be surprised, they are going to cry and they are going to smile and be happy. Everything,” she said.