“They are going to continue destroying me”: Loreto Aravena was honest about the important decision he made because of his relationship with Max Luksic

Loreto Aravena will be part of the new chapter of The Divine Food which will premiere on the screens of Chilevisión.

The actress will address different issues of her personal and work life, one of them being her media relationship with the boss of Channel 13, Max Luksic. as she recorded radio dna.

The actress’s affair with the executive director made her the target of hundreds of attacks on social networks, who accused her of keeping her job at the TV house because of their relationship.

As revealed by the interpreter of the 80sthe romance led her to make an important personal decision: she went to therapy.

“Hate is only here”

“I started to hang out and, of course, now everything has to do with my boyfriend: my work backwards does not exist, I am on Channel 13 because he is there,” Loreto lamented on the program.

Along the same lines, he added that “if I were to count the years I’ve been here now, I’ve been 14, and I’ve known him for 5 years. It’s absurd to think that my career was shaped by the person I’m with, cachai.”

“It happened to me in a minute that I felt like a teenager, like everything was absolute, they are going to continue destroying me, then it was like ‘this is only social networks, hate is only here'”, assured the actress, revealing that she should have asked for psychological help to be able to face it.