“They are full of debt, frustrated because they did not achieve their dreams”: Karol Lucero’s acid message to his critics

Karol Lucero will be the next guest at Everything is known in La Horawhere he will refer again to the harsh criticism that he usually receives on social networks.

In the program Follow me and I follow you They showed part of what will be the conversation with the former boy Yingo, who will launch some acid statements against all his haters, as stated look what he did.

The entertainer has become one of the most questioned faces on television, receiving hundreds of hateful messages during the social outbreak. Even at that time, harsh slogans arose against him, which used to be shouted in the middle of the marches.

According to the preview that the TV+ program showed, Karol will comment that “there are people who their frustrations… that’s when I come to understand them… they must have such a boring life, that their only way of escape is to criticize everything they see ”.

“It’s what they got”

“They are full of debt, frustrated because they did not achieve their dreams or because they are worried about what the rest is doing, they do not have personal goals and that is why I better get into someone else’s life,” he assured in Everything is known in La Hora.

Along the same lines, he will mention the case of comedians and point out that “it can’t be that a comedian at the Festival makes it a bag on the networks, is a trending topic because it’s fome, what do I know, when he can change it and see something else entertaining”.

“Why do you criticize something and insult the work of another”, Karol will question.

Finally, Lucero will send a very harsh message to all his detractors. “Haters, don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it’s what you got. And I love hue… because it itches more. I am happy and you are not ”, he will sentence.