They announce Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the new glass that will protect cell phone screens from falls

One of the biggest problems that cell phones have is that the screens, despite the different protectors, are still relatively fragile and with a simple fall they can be completely destroyed. This may be about to change, and it is that since Corning have announced a new type of protective glass that can protect screens from drops onto hard surfaces.

Gorilla Glass Victus 2 is the name of this protective glass announced by the American company and which, according to details It can withstand a drop of up to one meter onto surfaces such as concrete. It is worth mentioning that previous versions of the glass also protected falls of up to one meter, but this is the first that can withstand surfaces as hard as concrete.

This means that it also resists falls on other surfaces better, with which they mention that should protect the screens from drops of up to two meters onto the asphalt, Average height at which mobile phones are when taking selfies.

According to what they pointed out, this also has a resistance against scratches, which they mention is four times higher than other alternatives.

At the moment, Corning has not disclosed which smartphones will be the first to bring this protective glass, although it is likely that by 2023 we will have it on different high-end phones.