They affirm that Tonka Tomicic had a conflict with Carolina de Moras

tonka tomicic was recently in Grill Partners. On the occasion, the driver of we have to talk about sexrecalled different episodes of his life and even revealed about her interest in being a mother, among other things. A conversation with Pancho Saavedra, Pedro Ruminot and Jorge Zabaleta, in which he also He talked about a snub that a classmate made him.

“I was leaving and the person who introduced us was with a person next to him and I said ‘He’s going to ignore me, he’s not going to greet me and I’m going to have my trunk stretched out’. You catch when someone is going to greet you and when someone passes you through the hoop (…) We are talking about TV, the whole world was watching. I was walking and I said ‘no, this mine is going to…’“he counted.