They accuse Johnny Depp of mocking King Carlos III and the royal family

Despite the fact that the British public has always supported the actor’s career Johnny Depp and also his legal trial against his ex-wife, at this time they have been accusing him of mocking the current King Charles III and the entire royal family. What has happened?

In an old video, of the American star of Hollywood Johnny Depp It has caused a lot of controversy, since he is seen talking about a meeting with the prince Carlos, who is now the king of United Kingdom after the death of his mother, the queen Isabel II.

The video, which is a clip from Depp’s interview that also features the actor British Benedict Cumberbatch, shows Johnny revealing that the Prince carlos she met him during the 2004 film premiere “Finding Neverland”.

“I was trying to understand that from the man,” he jokingly said. “I shook his hand,” he said, adding that he did not understand a word the Prince of Wales said as he shook his hand.

“I think he didn’t understand the word I said,” said the actor. “Enemy of the State”.

The truth of this is that these statements have not been very welcome by the English population, who has always shown great affection and support for the actor. But now, it seems that several celebrities in the country do not agree with the way in which the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean expresses himself before royalty.