These would be the VALORANT EMEA 2023 franchises

The VALORANT He has already finished his last tournament of 2022, the VCT: Champions from istanbulthus closing a second year incredible waiting for a 2023 that will change everything. As we have spoken at different times this year, the VALORANT 2023 will be very different to what we know, especially with the arrival of franchise teams. These teams, which will initially be 10 per league, hundreds to nearly thousands have been selected by RiotGames. In addition to being a popular and competitive team, the project had to go hand in hand with the increase of the video game and franchisesespecially in EMEA. After months of selection, @Anonimotum brings first-hand information about VALORANT EMEA franchise teams 2023among which are large clubs of Spain.

Alexander Gomis «anonymous» has brought to light multiple times information with respect to EMEA teams during this selection process. The leaker Spaniard makes his star move and brings us the teams that will finally make up the franchise league of VALORANT EMEA 2023. In addition to the great and historical European names, we find that several bets in the shooter from Riot Games who plan to give it their all. How also some clubs more than known here in Spainensuring a representation in the maximum division of EMEA in VALORANT. In this article we invite you to meet each and every one of the teams that will be part of the 2023 EMEA league. This same article is will update as the teams get to know each other, so if it’s not complete yet, stop by again so as not to miss new names

All franchise teams of VALORANT EMEA 2023

  • Karmine Corp.
  • KOI
  • fnatic
  • Team Vitality
  • Natus Vincere (Navi)
  • TeamLiquid
  • Team Heretics
  • BBL Esports
  • GiantsGaming
  • To confirm

VALORANT EMEA will be a show like no other

Without knowing absolutely nothing about the teams, to this day Anyone I could strongly believe that the EMEA’s VALORANT will have unrivaled appeal. It has already been a total success without the franchise system and with several names much less powerful than the ones we have here. So there is little argument against this league will have it all. The two names that appear first on the list are two teams that they couldn’t miss, Karmine Corp. Y KOI. The two teams with plus fan base from all over Europe make the leap to the highest division of VALORANT with two more than interesting bets on league popularity. To this we must add his projects, being such popular teams and with great movements it will be difficult for them to aim for little. Both teams will surely go for everything in the league and will give us more than interesting crosses, having all the ingredients to exploit visibility of the European VALORANT.

KOI and Karmine Corp will be franchisees of VALORANT EMEA 2023

Another name that stands out quickly is Natus Vincere (Navi). The Ukrainian giant that has created a empire giant in CS:GO would come to VALORANT with a bet at the level of create the same. Despite not having achieved much in this 2022 in EMEA, Navi could hit the table. The Ukrainian team is capable of a lot and will surely be the hotbed of the entire CIS in VALORANTbeing the largest exponent of this European area.

Spain will have three representatives at VALORANT EMEA 2023

Joining the list and accompanying KOIIbai Llanos team, the other two star teams of Spanish esports, giants Y Team Heretics would join the VALORANT EMEA 2023. In this way, the major league division of VALORANT of Europe will have three Spanish representatives being precisely the three clubs with the highest arrival of all. The Spanish representation is more than insured and is positioned as the predominant in the league. Adding that KOI has been accepted by Riot Games regardless if in the near future it reaches its according to rogue.

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