these French people who do not look at their bank accounts to avoid stress

Noa Moussa, edited by Gauthier Delomez
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07:38, March 04, 2023

Have you ever felt stressed before going to your banking application, or before opening a letter from your bank? Do you prefer to hide in the sand and not look at the status of your account? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are part of the third of French people who do not look at their bank accounts in order to avoid stress. This is what an Opinion Way study for Tink, carried out last month, made it possible to evaluate. Europe 1 met these French people who are fleeing their bank account.

“I know my bank account will suffer”

This is the case first of Lili, 25, who hardly ever looks at the state of her finances. “I only look at my bank account when I know I have money on it,” she explains at the microphone of Europe 1. “When there is a possibility that I am overdrawn, I no longer look. But it’s stupid, it’s a technique of pure and simple denial, as long as I don’t see I’m not in the open”, she concedes.

An avoidance strategy in which Moussa, 30, recognizes himself perfectly. “In this case, I have just opened my mailbox. I have the current rent to pay, plus that of the previous month. I know that my bank account will suffer”, he regrets. “Anyway, whatever happens, if it’s really a disaster, I know my bank will call me,” adds Moussa.

Nearly one in two French people are anxious

This call from the banker is dreaded by Jessica, 24 years old. The latter was almost banned from banking less than a year ago. “I already had my bank card blocked for more than two months, because I was too exposed and too long,” she admits. “I kept a habit of checking my bank account once a month, maximum. My application is always closed, I downloaded it just to say that I had it. It’s a bit of a trauma”, underlines Jessica.

Like her, nearly one in two French people are anxious about keeping their accounts up to date.