these French people over 55 forced to become entrepreneurs

Margaux Fodéré, edited by Yanis Darras
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08:21, January 13, 2023

Working until 64, “no thanks”. While the government has presented its pension reform, French employees have chosen and their response is clear: 93% of workers are against it, according to a poll by the Institut Montaigne published on Friday. Among the reasons for opposition, the difficulty of finding or keeping a job after the beginning of the fifties. Thus, only 56% of those over 55 have a job, one of the lowest rates in Europe.

So, faced with mass unemployment, some seniors “bounce back” by setting up their own company, like Bruno, financial director in a production company and laid off at 52. Today, he earns less than when he was employed, but at 59, he is very happy to be self-employed.

An interesting system… but not for everyone

“Now that I have solved the financial equation, the self-employed system suits me quite well, because it gives me independence in terms of managing my current activity”, he explains to the microphone. Europe 1. And no question of becoming an employee again for him: “Some companies, for which I work, could offer me to take over a contract, then part-time, as an employee. would be interested,” said the former financial director.

But this new life does not appeal to everyone. Since he left his job in a social protection group more than twelve years ago, Stéphane has carried out IT service assignments but deplores the lack of stability. “What I miss is having a long-term activity and being one of the players in supporting the company in its strategy”, he underlines.

“It’s difficult”

At 60, Stéphane has still not found salaried employment and with the passing years, hope is dwindling. “It seems to be difficult. I haven’t seen people around me who were hired around the age of 60,” admits the computer scientist, with a hint of regret.

And even if Stéphane earns a better living than before, he still hopes to be rehired one day in a company, before retiring a few years later.