These Are The Free PS Plus Games For August 2019


Playstation Plus subscribers can now breathe a little easier, since a few minutes ago and as has been the case in recent years, Sony has revealed the games that will be given away for this month of August 2019.

Free PS Plus games for August 2019

WipEout Omega Collection

WipEout Omega Collection is a futuristic racing simulator, where we will take control of a type of hovercraft through intricate tracks full of lights and impossible curves, this version of WipEout Omega Collection brings the 4K and HDR remastered versions of Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048, which were originally released for Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita respectively.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4, is the fourth installment of the franchise that was released on February 14, 2017, which was developed by Rebellion, Sniper Elite 4 is a tactical shooter with stealth elements, where we must be aware of the position at all times of the enemy, one of the things that has characterized this franchise, is the use of X-Ray, that when fired at a great distance (meeting certain parameters), with a sniper rifle, the slow motion will follow the bullet until the objective, where we can see the damage we have done to the internal organs of the enemy. Sniper Elite 4 is set in 1943 Italy, recounting the subsequent events of Sniper Elite III.

When will the free PlayStation Plus games for August 2019 be available to download?

Sony is an entity of custom, and like every time the free PS Plus games will be available for download on the first Tuesday of the month, which this time will be on August 6, 2019, where they can be downloaded directly from the Playstation Network.

It should be remembered that the free Playstation Plus games of July 2019 are still available for download until August 5, 2019, which are Detroit Become Human Deluxe Edition (containing Heavy Rain Remaster) and Horizon Chase Turbo.