These are the days of a former UC in prison: the hard story of the mother

Jonathan Fabbro He is in jail in Argentina and in recent days his sentence was increased from 14 years in prison to 16 for the sexual abuse of his goddaughter “with carnal access”.

Martha Zabalamother of the former Catholic University midfielder, gave details about how her son’s days in jail are. He is in a pavilion with 32 or 34 people, he gets up at 9 in the morning, works and studies”he pointed out in conversation with El Show de Ulises Jaitt, by Radio Digital XLFM.

“There are days when he goes out to play ball. He also plays sports and goes to the gym. He is whole. You will not see any wrinkles and always giving us strength. With his nephews he makes video calls. He is super whole, he gives us strength and trusts that someone will see the truth. He doesn’t think about his brother. He will never speak ill of anyone. He doesn’t think about the minor either. Those are topics we don’t touch”, he explained.

Zabala defended Jonathan and harshly attacked another of his children, Darío Fabbro. “Darío lives off Jonathan’s money and leads a millionaire’s life when he didn’t have enough to feed his children. He is a scoundrel. I am very sad because I taught them respect and dignity.”revealed.

“No one else ever spoke to Darío. Everyone believes Jonathan. I was left homeless because he made me sell it, he bought another one and put it in his name”told about the relationship with his other son.

His final darts were against the judge Santiago Quin Zavalia, by Court No. 32. “When we went to make a statement, they told us to be brief because our statements were not going to be valid. We had to be at Court 12 at 8:00 p.m. and Larissa Riquelme (Fabbro’s partner) was seen at 4:00 a.m. Meanwhile, the judge was drinking coffee and eating dinner. I have witnesses”sentenced.

Jonathan Fabbro was born in Argentina, but became a national and played for the Paraguayan national team. At Universidad Católica he was in the second half of 2006, where he played 17 games and contributed with three goals and three assists.

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