These are the changes that come to Whatsapp web

In August, WhatsApp released some updates that implement two important features for WhatsApp beta for Windows, one of the most used extensions within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

WhatsApp Web works on a new update

The first feature concerned the ability to react to messages using any emoji. This is now available at whatsapp webbut also for Android, iOS and the desktop version.

The second allows users to view status updates. Some features may still be missing as this is a test, for example the ability to respond to status updates.

Finally, WhatsApp chat is bringing this feature in the latest update that was released last week.

These are the changes that come to Whatsapp web

Since this is a beta version, it is not yet possible to create a new status update in this chat build, but it may be possible in the future, as the ability to reply to status updates has been implemented after Little time.

But this is not the only novelty available in the new update. Some users have noticed that a new app sidebar has appeared after installing the update from the Microsoft Store.

Thanks to the new sidebar of the application, users can easily access to status updates, settings, and your profile.

These features are available after installing the latest version of WhatsApp beta for Windows. As usual, these tests will also reach Android and iOS