“There’s the secret…”: Nicole “Luli” Moreno tells the firm of how she came to raise 1 million dollars

The model Nicole Morenobetter known as “Luli”, told on television how she managed to gather close to 1 million dollars in assets at the age of 35.

During your participation in the program text game, from Channel 13, the ex-chica reality was asked directly if it is true that she has said fortune. Along with confirming her amount, she elaborated on the keys that, according to her, serve to amass a fortune.

“Beyond everything they have asked me, the important thing is to invest,” he began, pointing to the public. “I’ve been working since I was 13 years old and so I think the best thing to do is to capitalize, which is what I’ve done to this day,” she explained.

Given this, the driver Sergio Lagos told him, surprised, that “you have managed to be very organized, then, because it is not easy.”

“There is the secret. Being orderly, disciplined and being clear about where your life is going, ”Nicole confirmed.

“If I could…”

One of the panelists, Katty Kowaleczko, said she was shocked by Luli’s fortune, asking her how she managed to have her first apartment at the age of 20, “something that in this country is impossible.”

She replied that she did it alone, at that time, and insisted on the idea of ​​investing. “I’ve always been like a super visionary. Lucas had to be invested, always. I don’t want to talk about quantities, ”she indicated.

“But beyond talking about me, I want to leave a message to people. If I could, we can all finally ”, closed Nicole, who was recently confirmed as one of the program participants Here you dance.