“There is no way to assimilate it”: the painful story of Francini Amaral about the death of Jeferson

A painful moment was relived this week by Francini Amaral, who was the guest on Fuera del Área, a program hosted by Mauricio Pinilla on radio Agriculture.

In the middle of the talk, the emblematic member of Axé Bahía recalled the sad death of her friend Jeferson, another of the dancers who made up the Brazilian group, who took his own life in 2016.

“I found out on TV. My relationship had just ended and I went to Mexico for a month. I come back on a Tuesday and Jefferson dies on a Friday. It was just the same week,” Francini said.

“I didn’t see him two or three months ago because I always saw him because we went to lunch… I wasn’t working that much at Ax Bahía at that time, so we had certain specific shows with them. I rarely saw them and on special dates we were always there, “he added.

But that is not all. In addition, the dancer confessed that she had a hard time assimilating the death of her friend despite the number of years that had passed since that situation.

Francine’s story

“When this situation happens, it is as if it were not true. It’s like Jeff is in Brazil, he’s with his family, I haven’t seen him for a long time… There’s no way to assimilate it. At the time it was like, is it real? Yes, he is real. He gives a shock of cold water, of reality, but later time passes and one says: ‘no, that’s not true. How is a person going to be today and not tomorrow? It’s hard,” he vented.

Finally, he revealed that one of his constant wishes is to see him again at some point in his life.

“We live abroad for many years, so all the people you love come together from time to time. One gets used to that. I saw my parents once or twice a year for 15 years. So you get used to those kinds of long-distance relationships. So when the Jeff situation happened, I had seen him two or three months before, for me it was like he was on a trip. He is not, but I will see him in a minute, “he closed.