“There is a background that we do not know…”: Patricia Maldonado’s theory after the unexpected end of Me Late

Although a few days have passed, the repercussions continue after the abrupt end of Me Late, a TV+ space that was hosted by Daniel Fuenzalida.

After the news was known, several gave their opinion both on social networks and in the different television spaces.

For example, this Monday who raised her voice was Patricia Maldonado. Through her window at Las Indomables to talk about the decision made by the channel’s executives.

From the outset, he shared a profound reflection on the matter.

“The channel’s most popular program was Me Late. The program with the largest number of sponsors, Vivi has sponsors, we all know where they come from, Pollo Valdivia also has, but the Me Late program was the one with the maximum number of sponsors. The money left by Me Late was too good, ”the opinologist launched from the outset.

After cardboard, he played it with a particular theory. “I believe that there is a background here that we do not know at all, I do not know it, so I am going to give my opinion as a program,” he said.

“I think, in my opinion, that it was the only program with which people entertained themselves by watching something other than the slam of the gate, the disasters of the government, the disgusting things that exist today, the changing of jackets. People also have the right to rest and maybe people are interested in knowing a little about the lives of artists, about the world of entertainment”, he added.

Then, it was Cata Pulido who spoke. “I read that it had to do with the arrival of Gonzalo Cordero, I don’t know, that’s what I read, I’m not speculating at all. Apparently he wanted to do something else, “said the actress.

“I am very sorry, it is always painful and unfortunate that a program ends. I am very sorry that a space that I know has given work to many people and many opportunities has ended and that is always valuable, ”she added.

Patty Maldonado’s message

To close, Maldonado took a minute to send a message to the team that was left without a hitch after the end of the program.

“I feel affection for them, because I was very well treated, very well cared for, although I deserve it. I have nothing to say about them and behind each program, there is always a team that is laid off and that is what hurts the most. I have no doubt that the goats are going to start their activity in another place, ”she concluded.