“There are people who blame us”: Francisco Kaminski revealed the criticism he has received for his program that replaced Me Late

In the new chapter of We can talkthe guests at the space led by Jean Philippe Cretton were Daniela Aránguiz, Alison Mandel, Rodrigo Múñoz and Francisco Kaminski.

The announcer and host of the program Follow me and I follow youwas honest in the space about the criticism he has received for the project that came to the TV+ screens to replace Me Late, after its abrupt and controversial end.

“We are there on the screen again, I was eight years waiting for that moment. It was long, but I’m happy because it’s a nice challenge, with a lot of back and forth, ”she said at the outset.

Along the same lines, Kaminski confessed that “I’ve had a terrible week, that is, not really terrible, I knew what I was going for.”

It was then that he referred to the abrupt end of I beat and the questions they have received for the new program.

“People suddenly confuse things or terms. I feel that the audience in a certain way, many times, there are people who blame us for the departure of the other program, since we have nothing to do with it, “she clarified.

“He gave me his good vibes”

Likewise, he declared himself a fan of Daniel Fuenzalida’s space. “One does not make decisions about what happens in the industry,” he assured, denying that it was related to the end of the program.

After this, Cretton asked him about the rumors that, before the departure from the screens of I beatthe channel was already in talks with some faces to add them to their ranks.

“Not with me, just like me… we are radio partners with the Egg, we work in the same holding company, regardless of whether they are different radio stations. I sent him a message, I told him what was happening. He also gave me the good vibes of him … ”, he assured.

He also pointed out that everyone was surprised by the wave of affection that the Me Late panelists received after confirming that they would not appear on screen again. For the same reason, Kaminski assured that he “knew what he was going for” when he joined the new project that replaced him.