“There are open conversations”: the crack that prepares his arrival in Chile

La Calera Union He is already planning what the 2023 season will be and the main idea is not to repeat this year’s complicated campaign. The “cementeros” had one of their worst participations since they rose to the First Division at the end of 2017, since for a large part of the championship they were bottom players.

However, after the arrival of the technical director, Federico Vilar, the team managed to climb positions and today they no longer worry about the red zone. With that calm, the leadership thinks about signings and one of the names they have in the folder is that of Ricardo Centurionplayer who currently belongs to Velez Sarsfield.

“He is a player who is of great interest and there are open negotiations for him”, assured the director of Unión La Calera, Cristián Le Bihan, to Radio2 of Rosario.

However, the leader himself was honest that they are fighting for the signing with another important club in Argentina: “I know that we are not the only team that wants Ricardo Centurión. I don’t know if people from Newell’s talked to him. This will have a denouement in the next few days.”

If the Argentine attacker arrived at La Calera Unionthe “cementero” team will repeat the line of signings that allowed it to have competitive seasons in Chilean soccer since 2018, such as, for example, Brian Fernández, Walter Bou, Gabriel Arias, Agustín Batalla, Gonzalo Castellani and Santiago García.