“There are going to be many symptoms”: Latife Soto warns of a process that will last for six months

“This video is to explain this season of ellipses. They are energetically very powerful periods that generate too many changes and transformations”.

In this way, the tarot reader Latife Soto He presented his recent YouTube publication that already has thousands of views.

In her style, the seer analyzed the recent solar eclipse of October 25 and warned of a series of consequences.

“The first solar eclipse is over, but its work is not. What happened on the 25th has consequences for six months, so in this individual process you can experience different types of experiences and release energy, associated with situations that each one is going to suffer, ”he explained.

Likewise, he stated that “everyone is going to have a weak point, a wound, so it is important to be prepared for all this appearance of symptoms or sensations that, perhaps, they knew from their wound.”

“Take it easy and all you need to help yourself, try to digest the process, don’t avoid it because it’s going to be worse. There are going to be many symptoms in people, with the energies of these times, such as headaches, dizziness, anxiety, itching, inflammation, tiredness, laziness, moments of feeling that they are not in this reality, strange dreams, problems in sight …. it is an emotional release, the mood will also be very difficult, so it will be difficult, but for the same reason try to relax and do breathing exercises. That is the most advisable, ”he continued.

Finally, Latife Soto stressed that “this is a profound metamorphosis, a crisis, but where there will be a transformation. You have to get away from obsessions, from toxic relationships, it is important to have control of their lives, to review and reflect on everything that hurts them.

“If something does not contribute to them, we have to get out of it, because we are in a process of a lot of analysis, of helping those who need us. Try to help yourself first, and then we help others”, he concluded.

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