The Xbox release date for the latest We Were Here is scheduled!

It’s been exactly a semester since We Were Here Forever came out on PC and Steam. The title of the We Were Here license It has already wreaked havoc on PC gamers. Taking advantage of the aura of the previous works, the by Total Mayhem Games has had great success since its arrival 6 months ago, with several nominations and honors. As for all the license, it is about cooperatively find the way out of the kingdom of Castle Rock located in Antarctica. The principle of the game remains the same as in previous iterations: two players are separated and must communicate through a Talki-Walkie to try to solve the problems and finish them off. Good relationship is therefore essential to survive in this narrow glacial territory. But the exchange is only the first stage of the story of the two protagonists. Throughout the adventure, numerous mysteries will unfold and you will also have to know how to make difficult decisions with sometimes painful consequences.

The title of Total Mayhem Games is thus inscribed in continuity with its choice to make us discover throughout our journey the mythology and history of the inhabitants of Rockbury. In summary a game of caste and sword, adventure and narrative with difficult choices. All this in an artistic direction that, first of all, is reminiscent of Sea of ​​Thieves. However, we are a long way from the universe of hacking and background searches! Fans and amateurs of cooperation will have to be more patient for a few weeks, as We Were Here Forever will be available on January 31, 2023.