“The world is crazy…”: Melina Figueroa’s reflection after Balenciaga’s controversial campaign that was accused of pedophilia

The former reality girl and fitness model, Melina Figueroa caught the attention of the web after exposing her annoyance for the controversy of the Balenciaga brand who were accused of promoting pedophilia in a strange advertising campaign.

The luxurious brand was a trend and was filled with criticism in recent days after launching a Christmas campaign with Adidas, which caused hives on the web due to children posing next to sadomasochistic accessories and also exposing the text of a law against child pornography.

After the event, several content creators have shared videos on social networks explaining the Balenciaga controversy. Issue that Melina Figueroa analyzed after a record that explained the issue, condemning the campaign.

“For my children I will not shut up in front of this world!!! Stop sexualizing children!!! Kids are kids!! The world is crazy!!!”, she pointed out.

“I will never support the follies of the world”

“A lot of people wanting to ‘be fashionable’ take terrible positions because now ‘everyone must think like everyone else’. If they jump off a bridge, they all jump off a bridge ‘because it’s updating’”, reflected the influencer.

“And who the hell says that today is ‘correct’. I will never support the follies of the world, I will be firm with my beliefs and convictions, do not come with ‘fashions,’ ”she added, surprising with his sayings.

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