The Witcher 3 update will make some mods inoperative, but will keep several of the popular ones

The Witcher 3 is about to receive a major update, however, from CD Projekt Red now have noted that this will affect several of the game’s fan-made mods.

As they announced, when the update arrives some of the mods will stop working, especially those that are based on scripts, however others will remain operational. Given this from the developer They have tested and created a list with the most popular ones so that players know which ones they will be able to continue using.

“Updating a game means we change multiple files, so mods that change those exact files stop working. If we want to change things in the game or add things, it can’t be helped, and our teams should focus on making the updates as good as possible, not minimizing the change.”they pointed out from CD Projekt Red.

According to what they added, “our team of modding experts led by Bence will provide help and advice to modders in the post-launch forums when possible”, while noting that along with the update will come new tools for modders. modders, which are adapted to the updated version of the game.

You can review the list of mods made by the developer in the following link.