The vent of Daniel Fuenzalida: he issued a warning that points to the “real reasons” for the abrupt end of Me Late

The abrupt end of Me Late continues to make people talk. The show was taken off the air without notice last week and became one of the most talked about topics in recent days.

In fact, Daniel Fuenzalida was at the Textual Game last Tuesday, where he shared some reflections related to the unexpected end of the show space.

In addition, the former Egg also manifested himself on his social networks.

“I am still a bit shocked, I am shocked, I was not given clear reasons why it ended. I was told that they as a channel want to do the program in terms of content, that they want to take charge of that and not the production company that I directed, which is Tónica, and they gave me no more reasons, “he revealed after learning about the news.

But that is not all. Now, through her Instagram stories, she issued a particular warning that she left several expectant.

“I think that next week I will talk about a reason, on behalf of an executive that makes sense to me today,” the communicator wrote at the outset.

“Soon… the real reasons for the end of Me Late”, he added.

In this way, Fuenzalida is expected to reveal some unknown chip that could clarify the real reasons for the end of the farandulero program.

Daniel Fuenzalida’s warning