The Velveteen Dream responds to EC3 and hints at cocaine use in the NXT locker room

The return of Velveteen Dream to social networks has caused a great deal of controversy in the professional wrestling community, questioning his actions and his future as a WWE superstar. In the last few hours, the fighter has responded to EC3, who in early September accused him of recording his teammates in the locker room with his mobile in the house service of EC3 itself.

On this occasion, Dream has recorded a video message in which he assures that he showed that he had not saved any video of the EC3 bathroom and insinuated that he and other fighters present at the party used cocaine.

“I guess now I’m in TMZ’s orbit now, I’m someone again. EC3 has gone on the tongue saying, if you haven’t read it, that he had a party at his house one night, specifically that was around 2017/18. “, commented Velveteen Dream in the video. “I’m not going to tell people who was at this party out of respect for our mutual friends, but One of our mutual friends is a former NXT talent who no longer works for WWE and the other person is a current Monday Night Ra talent.w that he used to wrestle with talent for NXT”.

“Mike, EC3, you come out here, after I gave you the best match you’ve ever had in your entire career… I’m tired of people trashing my name, you trash my name saying I tried to engrave you on your bathroom Let’s face it, Mike, you’re leaving out a lot of details.“, Dream continued explaining.

What kind of powder was on the table, Mike? So let’s not leave out all the details. The other two people, our mutual friends, were there. I left my phone on your bathroom counter and since you weren’t sure about my sexuality at the time because of the character I was playing on TV, and because we’re not friends in real life at all, you tried to accuse me of recording you at your house. And what did I do? I went to our mutual friend who no longer works for WWE, a former NXT talent, and showed him my phone and had him go through my photos and videos just to prove to you and the other person that I wasn’t recording you.”

“Okay. I made him prove to you that I wasn’t recording you. Cocaine is an EC3 hell drug. Get your shit in order. And if anyone wants to go to my friends list right now and check who follows me because I don’t follow him. EC3 follows me. I would really think that if you didn’t trust me, you definitely wouldn’t be following me on social media on Instagram all these years later, EC3. You’re pathetic, now control that asshole narrative“.

In another Instagram story post, Velveteen Dream posted a message indicating that several NXT stars were using cocaine. “Many cocaine users are still working, truth be told“, wrote.

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