The unusual explanation of Fernando Santos, DT of Portugal: “Cristiano Ronaldo was not a starter due to a strategic choice of the match, nothing more”

In spite of the resounding victory for Portugal over Switzerlandthe big topic after the game was the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo of ownership in that same match.

most of the questions you had to answer the technician Fernando Santos they were aimed at that aspect. A situation that finally ended up bothering the coach of the Portuguese team.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s non-ownership is nothing connected to the controversy that arose in the match against South Korea, that matter is closed. Cristiano Ronaldo was not a starter due to a strategic option in the match, nothing more. He is an exemplary professional and if he has to go to the match he will help Portugal a lot.”the engineer explained.

But the answer did not leave the professionals alone. At the insistence, Santos himself spoke in the third person to describe the type of relationship he has with the historic goalscorer of the Selecçao das Quinas.

“Didn’t I already answer this question? There is no problem between Fernando Santos and the captain of the team. We have been friends for many years and these things do not affect us. Coaches make decisions. I already explained it, that part was totally resolved. Cristiano gave an example of a great captain”, assured the coach.

On the same point, he insisted that “it was for a strategic issue. The players are different. I also put Dalot and Raphael. However, Cancelo is a fabulous player. That’s what I thought for the match against Switzerland, in another match it could be different.”

Asked about the characteristics of the scorer Goncalo Ramoswho replaced CR7, the DT affirmed that “They are different players.”

Another of those who came out to clear up the controversy was the defender Pepe, defender author of one of the goals in the 6-1 win over the Helvetians and one of the striker’s great friends in the national team.

“Cris knows it perfectly and the coach made it very clear that the most important thing is us. His absence was the coach’s choice and it must be respected, ”explained the Porto player..