The unknown details of the distant relationship between Arturo Vidal and his father Erasmo

Many are still thinking about the first public action of Arturo Vidal after the death of Erasmo Vidal, which occurred yesterday at the Club Hípico. On Instagram, the King’s favorite platform when it comes to communicating something, the Chilean national team posted an image related to Flamengo’s trip to visit Sao Paulo, realizing, by the way, that he would be in the first leg of the Brazilian Cup, against Corinthians and that his priority would not be to travel to the funeral of his direct relative. “Here we go São Paulo”, he posted, along with an image in which he appears with the Uruguayan Giorgian de Arrascaeta.

Only with the passing of the hours, through stories from the same social network reflected that the situation did affect him. “Old Chokita now rests in peace”, He wrote later, citing a post from his partner, Sonia Isaza. And, later, another: “Fly high old dear”. It is not yet clear if the King will travel to be with his relatives or if he would eventually make it to the funerals.

Vidal’s relationship with his father is marked by abandonment. In his younger age, mired in problems such as alcoholism and gambling addiction, mainly related to horse riding, the activity that, finally, ended up linking them in recent times, the father ended up moving away from the nucleus that he had formed with Jacqueline Pardo, the soccer player’s mother and his two brothers: Sandrino and Ámbar. The other, Jean Paul, is the result of another Erasmus relationship. Sandrino honored his father by setting off fireworks. Ámbar, publishing a message, which accounts for the difficult relationship: “We forgive you, dad.”.

That distance was reflected, for example, at the beginning of the steering wheel’s sports career. While his teammates in the lower divisions used to be accompanied by his parents or relatives in training and in games, Arturo Vidal usually arrived alone. “At that time, the father was in another. He was not accompanying him. He had no relationship with Arturo. In Colo Colo we did not know him”, states a source linked to the lower divisions of the white club.

It is for this reason that the then little Arturo had to look for other affections. His cousins ​​Víctor and Carlos Albornoz, the same ones he pointed to as being responsible for economic irregularities in the administration of the goods that he had placed in his chargeassumed a leading role in their upbringing. However, the strongest figure for the then budding footballer was that of his mother.. With her he had promised to bring about the family group as soon as her athletic progress allowed it. The relationship with Erasmo Vidal practically did not exist. Not even between Arturo with his father. Nor with Jacqueline’s family.

Erasmo Vidal, on the left, at the Monumental stadium, at the start of Arturo Vidal’s career (Photo: La Cuarta)

In fact, the then young Arturo assumed prominence in his family. Before, Colo Colo had come up with some strategies to help him. Claudio Borghi, who had already come to the conviction that it was an exceptional talent, which had to be taken care of, lor permanently included in concentrations and trips with the sole purpose of guaranteeing adequate food for his status as an elite athlete. And another: the club had arranged to increase the financial aid it provided. That yes, first, Arturo Vidal asked that merchandise be delivered to him, to guarantee the feeding of his family. In fact, she had refused to continue in the club pension, so as not to receive conditions different from those faced by her mother and her brothers. “In the beginning, we helped with some merchandise, but we realized that it was not going to have much return. Soon we fixed a salary. We fix the house. We put a roof, floor, furniture. So that it did not appear as a gift, we deducted the fee that we set for it. The salary was about one million 400 thousand and we deducted 150 thousand as a fee. When he went to Germany, everything was paid for without any problems.”, remembers Luis Baquedano, then leader of the Cacique.

The contacts referred to some distant greeting in the place that crosses the family: the Equestrian Club. In fact, the institution fired him through a communicated sense. Erasmo not only took care of the stables of the current Flamengo midfielder. He was known throughout the institution for his special personality and because he collaborated in different activities. “Every morning he came to the Equestrian Club to take care of Arturo’s horses, during all the time he was not in Chile. He took care that the horses galloped, walked and were well cared for. On race days he was always talking to the riders and making sure everything was alright. He had been doing this work for a long time, ”lamented the coach Sergio Inda, who enlists the footballer’s copies, in statements to Chilevisión. “We are too sad about the news, we found out the morning of what happened. The truth is that we are all very shocked, and by the way everything went too. There are several relatives of Erasmo here. I haven’t communicated about Arturo yet, it’s not the time yet“, large.

Even so, in the nucleus closest to the King they specify that many things that have been said regarding the life of the footballer and his environment are, directly, false. And in that logic, naturally, part of what is known about the relationship with his father enters. What is objective is that Erasmo Vidal had a controversial personality. And what a product of the same he got involved in serious problems: In 2015, when his son made the jump from Juventus to Bayern Munich, behind the illusion of getting closer to obtaining the Champions League, he was caught carrying cocaine base paste and two butcher knives. he was arrested. “He has his life, I have mine. My father is really old enough to know what he is doing. I myself have a family with my wife, two children and my mother,” Arturo explained to the German press. A year later, Erasmo was arrested for driving while intoxicated, with the consequent risk to his life. In those days, he was being wanted for illegal possession of a knife. All these incidents prevented a definitive reunion. The other reason was also obvious: the vices that Erasmus was never able to remove from his life.

Likewise, in the last time, Arturo Vidal revealed that there had been rapprochements. In fact, as soon as the death of Erasmus was known, Jean Beausejour, one of the friends that the King generated in the Red, revealed that he knew signs in that sense. “From what one found, they had the possibility of rebuilding this relationship over time, and the two largest”, said the former player from Universidad de Chile, in the framework of his speech as a commentator on ADN radio. Erasmus finally found some peace.