The unexpected signing of Juve

Fate had yet another plot twist in Adrien Rabiot’s career. The French international, signed by Juventus in 2019 as one of the great hopes for the future, he never gave in Turin the level he offered in Paris Saint-Germain or in the national team. A situation that ended up getting fed up with a fan who ended up asking, both actively and passively, for his departure.

your technician, Massimiliano Allegridid not hide his disappointment with him either, in these statements made in September 2021: “If a great club like Juve chose these players it is for a reason, the mentality makes the difference. They must have a lot of determination when it comes to attending training, scoring, defending, these elements make the difference. How many good technical players have not been able to exploit in their career? If I were Rabiot, I would be very angry with myself. How many goals have you scored in two years here? Ten? It is not acceptable, if I were him, I would be very angry.”

And when this change of scenery seemed closer, this final ‘plow twist’ took place. This summer, he was very close to leaving for Manchester United in search of a new adventure. The ‘Red Devils’, desperate to sign a midfielder, offered him the condition of being one of the best paid players in the club, but the proposal was rejected because his claims and those of his mother -at the time, the agent him-were even greater. Changing Turin for Manchester meant not playing in the Champions League, which is why they asked for some bonuses that the club interested in signing him did not accept.

The transfer fell on deaf ears and the good Rabiot has taken to revealing himself in recent games. He started the season as a starter and, after being in the game against his old team, PSG, he disappeared from the map for the whole of September. Later, He returned to eleven and put together a good performance against Bologna, a game that was a ball of oxygen for Max Allegri. And this week, he scored a brace in the Champions League against Maccabi Haifa. A meeting with which he managed to change the speech of the Juventus coach: “I think he has shown that he is a very good player. and I think he has the potential to improve his attacking game and his forward passes. He has improved a lot in terms of tackles and tonight he has scored two goals. Little by little he is improving, but I think he is in the most important years of his career.”

At Juventus they value that he is wanting to turn the situation around and they are already thinking about his renewal. It aims to be a renewal caught with tweezers and downwardsas reported by several Italian media, but it is seen as good news for the interests of all parties involved and will serve to prolong the contract extension of the Frenchman, who will be free in June 2023 if nothing is done to avoid it.