The unexpected reaction of Anuel AA’s son when he found out that he will have a little sister

The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa and the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral They are going to be the parents of a beautiful girl, the news has shaken social networks with good and bad thoughts. But amid thousands of comments, the trapper has shared his son’s reaction upon learning that he will soon have a little sister.

Anuel AA has been in charge of sharing the reaction of his son Pablo in his stories of his official account of instagram.

The child, who was born from the singer’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Astrid Cuevas, He is quite happy in front of the cell phone camera when they give him the news that he will have a little sister.

The moment, as expected, has been recorded and the video has already been published on all social networks

«Pabliss already knows that he is going to have a little sister, the best in the whole world. We’re leaving right now Miami to celebrate with the other part of my family,” he wrote anuel aa next to the brief clip in which his 9-year-old son is seen.

The relationship of anuel aa He was not doing well with his ex-girlfriend, and she even sued him, arguing that the ragpicker was behaving like an absent father, revealing that he was no longer paying for the apartment where she lived with little Pablo.