The U prepares all its artillery against national arbitration

At the University of Chile they are upset. The team that trains at La Cisterna publicly accuses them of their disagreement with the series of decisions that, as they explain, have harmed them in the final stretch of the national tournament. Just when the blues seek to start from relegation once and for all, the arbitrations and resolutions of different football bodies begin to take center stage in an unfavorable way for the laity.

The U prepares a list of claims of situations that have happened during the last days. They will do so through an institutional letter and a meeting requested by Michael Clark with Pablo Milad, the president of the ANFP. Miranda, the technician from the U, summed up the feeling of the institution. “Respect for the U has been lost, and that is the most worrying thing. I have been in football for a long time and respect for the U has been lost, decisions are made or there is no respect for a club as big as the University of Chile, ”said the strategist.

The first claim will point to what happened in the Chile Cup: Sebastián Miranda’s team continues to question the hand of Felipe Seymour charged by judge Felipe González, which meant the opening of the account of the Crusaders, in Playa Ancha. According to what they say from the club, the midfielder jumped with his arms close to his body, with the intention of avoiding the foul from twelve steps. “We have to be honest. In my opinion it is not a corner and it is not a penalty, in three minutes we were harmed, ”explained Miranda.

It will not be the only complaint. In another page of the letter they will record the doubts left by the ruling of the second room of the disciplinary court, which rejected the appeal presented by the students to be able to play with the public in front of Audax Italiano, for the punishment that fell for the incidents occurred in front of Universidad Católica, for the national tournament. More so when days before, the same court, with the same members, accepted the appeal that the crusaders sent and that allowed them to have an audience against the blues, in the duel for the Chile Cup, which had to be suspended after the acoustic trauma that Martin Parra suffered. Those from the foothills also had a pending sanction for the invasion of the field in the duel against Audax Italiano.

The sentence generated discomfort within the CDA because the president of the disciplinary body, Stefano Pirola, leader of the Catholic University, accepted the appeal of the UC and rejected the proposal of the U. Because beyond the somersault, many in the U assure that he had to abstain due to his status as a crusader leader. Why didn’t he get sidelined? “Each one has to look inside themselves and decide if they are in a position to settle an issue that concerns their club”Garcia points out. And he adds, “If someone considers that it is not, it can be disabled. But it is a personal decision, because there is no established norm that obliges him, nor that the other components of the room ask him to do it “said Cristian García, secretary of the second room of the disciplinary tribunal, on Radio Inicia.

In relation to Pirola, García assures that the president of the second chamber was made to see that the UC request should not be approved. “For the UC issue, we made him see that due to the background we had we had to reject the request, but he decided to vote differently”indicates García, confirming that Pirola changed his criteria for the case of the U. “I maintain the position that, in some way, the Disciplinary Court has the opportunity to help the public and, in that sense, due to the exposed antecedents, the UC request had to be rejected (…)I cannot know what is going through the heads of my colleagues, each one has their position”, he closes.

Image of the exact moment in which the referee Ángelo Hermosilla decides to collect a penalty in favor of Audax Italiano, which ended up being the final 3-2. PHOTO: AGENCYUNO

Another of the points in which the blues will make you feel his annoyance will be because of what happened in the duel against Audax Italiano. inputthey will request that Ángelo Hermosilla no longer referee them during the remainder of the season. They do not understand that a judge treats Luis Felipe Gallegos as a “bad ass…”, generating anger at the end of the match. In addition, they will claim a supposed foul by Michael Fuentes on Cristóbal Campos, just in the play in which the referee, with the help of the VAR, charged the maximum penalty for the Floridians. “Incredible”, the footballer complained on his social networkswith an image of how his ankle was after the audio player’s stomp.

Photo: Capture TNT Sports

This Tuesday, at Santa Laura, Manuel Mayo, the sports manager, made clear the annoyance of the club. “seems serious. The referees may or may not be wrong, but treating an impeccable player like Felipe in this way seems serious and that’s why we went out to denounce him”, was the first intervention of the leader.

“We’ll let you know. I myself will send a letter to the ANFP with this and other issues that have happenedbut we will take the appropriate measures and follow the regular channels. It worries that the last doubtful collections are against the U”; held. “Lately that has happened and we don’t know why and It leaves us worried that in the face of any doubt, the U will be harmed.”

To close, Mayo recalled the history of Judge Hermosilla against Universidad de Chile. “The Hermosilla thing with La Serena, Sandoval’s free kick, then a penalty in which he was in the VAR and now this, at least gives to be annoyed, generates annoyance. We will have to ask why certain arbitrators appoint us, but Talking about persecution seems serious to us, but it does worry us. We will take the measures in the CDA ”, he closes.