The U loses two million dollars in reinforcements

The soccer moment of the U is not good. The blues have been dragging a crisis for several years from which they have not been able to get out and that since 2019 has them fighting for the bottom of the table.

Many questionable decisions have been made by the leadership and when it comes to investing in reinforcements, excess has been paid for players whose market value simply and simply did not correspond to what was shown on the field.

Within all the soccer problems, this year in University of Chile there are players who have known how to overcome low returns, such as the cases of Yonathan Andía or Cristian Palacios, but there are others who have not given the width.

The U loses US$ 2 million in reinforcements

The year 2020 has arrived Pablo Aranguiz and everything indicates, due to his zero football contribution and his extra-sports troubles, that he will not continue next season. When he arrived, Azul Azul disbursed 310 thousand dollars for half of the economic rights.

There are also the cases of Ignacio Tapia and Jeisson Vargas. For the defender, 850 thousand dollars were paid for 50% of the economic rights, while for the midfielder it was 580 thousand dollars for 60%.

Just under two million dollars, an amount that increases considerably if the arrivals of players such as Hernán Galindez or José María Carrasco are taken into account, reinforcements this season who are no longer in the squad, Álvaro Brun, who will not continue in the club , and several reinforcements from previous years that are on loan and must return.