The U learns the lesson with Isla and seeks to ‘steal’ a reinforcement from the UC

Universidad de Chile is one step away from achieving the great objective of the season: permanence. A victory against Everton this weekend would allow him to achieve it, and face the semifinals of Copa Chile and the last two days of the National Championship more calmly.

It sounds like a mediocre goal, but it is the reality of the club after an irregular season. One that they will try not to repeat next year. “Our mind is set on moving forward with these semifinals and having the peace of mind of finishing in the First Division, but we also have an eye on planning for 2023”, exposes the sports manager, Manuel Mayo, about the current scenario.

Along these lines, reinforcing the squad with high-ranking players is the main challenge and for that you have to move quickly. The blues already experienced it in the middle of the year, when Universidad Católica hit the market with the return of Mauricio Isla, despite the fact that all the signs indicated that his return would be to the blues.

I offered myself to the U, I wanted to play again in Chile and feel what it was like to be close to my family, and it didn’t happen for many different things, money has nothing to do with it, “Isla said about those reasons. “At UC they called me and visited me for three days, I liked that a lot.”

The scenario is now repeated with another Chilean national team: Eugenio Mena. The current figure of Racing has been sounded out for months by the Catholic University, and this time the blues do not want to sleep. “We are talking about a longing for many people. It is logical that he is an interesting player because of what he did in the U and how current he is”, warned May in conversation with DNA.

The problem for the blues is that Racing doesn’t want him to leave either: Mena is the undisputed starter, one of the most respected players on the squad, and the club is in the fight to be champion in Argentina. By the way, he already qualified for the next Copa Libertadores. We will have to see what they can offer in La Cisterna to convince him.