The U goes out to look for a technician and reinforcements in South America with a millionaire budget

At the University of Chile they accelerate the search. The squad that trains in La Cisterna focuses on finding as soon as possible the coach to take over the vacancy left by Sebastián Miranda, the interim who will return to the leadership of youth football. There is no time to lose.

This Monday, the board of Azul Azul decided that Manuel Mayo, the sports manager, travels to Argentina and Uruguay to meet with different coaches. They want to schedule an appointment with Miguel Ángel Russo, the great dream of the dealership. It seeks to seal the name of the incoming strategist over the next week thinking about the urgency of forming the squad for the 2023 season.

The amounts to try to seal the new strategist are also defined. Nearly US$ 700,000 will be allocated to seal the incoming technician. In reinforcements, meanwhile, at the dealership he decided to open his wallet and put on the table $2 million. “If you have to put a little more, it will also be fine”they warn from the club.

The technician search process has not been easy. In the U they have encountered a series of difficulties on the way to close the strategist. Francisco Meneghini was the chosen one, but from one moment to another the story took an unexpected turn. Paqui ended up leaning towards renewing at Everton, despite the fact that the leadership insists that it was the priority and the name that most filled Michael Clark, the president of Azul Azul.

Faced with such a scenario, the list began to run. Martín Lasarte, a candidate that always appears, and that even his name was going around after the dismissal of Santiago Escobar and Diego López, removed from the list again. He warned that he will not direct until after the World Cup. The name of Sebastián Beccacece, meanwhile, was always more distant due to his economic aspirations and his desire to direct in Europe.

At the dealership they also approached Nicolás Larcamón, the technician who announced his departure from Puebla, in Mexico. In the U the Argentine’s curriculum generated interest. His time in Chilean soccer, mainly for Curicó Unido, a team in which he achieved a great campaign, drew attention. However, his representative Federico Capece warned that the trans-Andean signed a million-dollar clause to terminate early with Puebla, which prevents him from directing during the 2023 season.

The difficult scenario led to the curriculum of Mariano Soso. The Argentine did not renew his relationship with O’Higgins de Rancagua. Today, the trans-Andean appears as the only option within Chile that the Azul Azul board of directors is evaluating, despite the fact that it does not generate a consensus among the 10 members who sit at the table. At Sporting Cristal, in Peru, the strategist won the only trophy he has as a strategist.

The U speeds up the search for the technician. Manuel Mayo, the sports manager, will have to present a series of candidates to sit on the blue bench over the next week. Because in Chile, for the moment, the only DT who still has a chance is Mariano Soso, one who does not satisfy the entire student body.