The two stars that Suazo wants to see play in Colo Colo

colo colo is looking for reinforcements to achieve the bi-championship and obtain a classification, at least, to the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. In this context, Captain Gabriel Suazo proposed two figures from La Roja.

“Who wouldn’t like to see selected players, like Erick Pulgar or Arturo Vidal, who are in the best team in America. Perhaps Erick is not having a great continuity and he may want to come a little more. One dreams of players of that magnitude, who can come to contribute”Suazo told La Tercera.

“Arturo is a little more complicated. He is having a great level in Flamengo, being a participant in all the matches, but it would be nice to see that kind of players with the Colo Colo shirt”, he added.

The captain of Colo Colo expressed the need to retain fundamental pieces of the team: “First, to renew the large number of players who are running out of contract, which is the majority of the starters who compete, who have given us this trophy. He would be a backup. If one of them leaves, we would have to think about bringing seven or eight players, which is much more complicated. And then think about the reinforcements.”

In addition, Suazo referred to his expectations in the near future: “Obviously. Play a better role than this year and, why not, get excited about an international tournament. But it’s also exciting to go to a competitive league, fight different things. They are different things, which excite me in the same way”.