“The truth is identified with the moral good”: Nicole Block reacted to her ex-husband’s response after accusing him of abuse

Nicole Block made an impact this Tuesday by breaking the silence and revealing serious accusations against her ex-husband, Juan Cristóbal Meza,

Through their social networks, The actress shared a heartbreaking video and publicly denounced the composer for physical and psychological abuse during their relationship.

“I have been silent for years… But no more. Ex-husband or husband: the blows, kicks in the back, whipping me against the wall, cutting your neck so that I would not leave, threatening to kill you so that I would not separate, does not compare to the psychological violence that I have had to endure to this day today”, were part of the accusations shared by Nicole.

After the viralization of the crude story of the actress, Juan Cristóbal Meza raised his voice and shared a reflection on lying.

“What is relevant in the lie is never the intentionality of the one who lies. The lie is not something that opposes the truth, but is situated in its purpose: in the vector that separates what someone says from what he thinks in his discursive action referring to others. The decisive thing, therefore, is the damage it causes to the other, without which there is no lie, ”the composer wrote in his stories.

Meza’s words – which were replicated by various media – did not leave Nicole indifferent, who responded in the same way: with a powerful reflection on the truth.

“The truth is identified with the moral good, this means that whoever knows the truth cannot but practice good. Knowledge and virtue coincide, therefore, whoever knows what is right will act righteously and whoever does evil is out of ignorance”, were the statements that Nicole shared, being a quote from the philosopher Socrates.

Check out Nicole Block’s story below: