The true ordeal that Gabriel Costa lives in Alianza Lima just days after the start of the Peruvian league

The former Colo-Colo is the brand new reinforcement of the blue and whites, who refused to participate in the first date due to issues related to television rights.

One of the great losses that will have Colo-Colo for the 2023 season is Gabriel Costa. The Uruguayan-Peruvian midfielder had everything agreed to renew his relationship with the Cacique, however, at the last minute he decided on the offer presented by Lima Allianceconsummating his return to the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium, better known as “Matute”.

Despite having played some friendlies, the Rimac team had considered make his official redebut against Atlético Grau this Sunday at the start of the Decentralized Championship. Nevertheless, problems with the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) for television rights would cause this situation to be delayed.

And it is that eight teams of the competition, including the blue and white cast, they refused to start the competition. This is because these squares they had signed an agreement with the Peru Football Consortium (CFP) to broadcast their matchessomething to which FPF was opposed, so filed a precautionary measure to prevent it, being accepted by the courts last December.

And it is that In September, the association in charge of soccer in that country closed a new link with the company 1190 Sports, who would take over the transmission of the league. This situation was rejected by these clubs, so they started this conflict.

Gabriel Costa will not be able to make his official revival with Alianza Lima this weekend.

Start of the league in doubt

This Monday, through a press conference in which the representatives of each club were present, it was indicated that there will be a strike until the decision of the Peruvian Federation changes. “After an analysis of the eight teams that are here, we have decided not to participate in the tournament until the precautionary measure is lifted“, indicated Sergio Ludenaadministrator of scientist.

This situation occurred due to the statement made by the FPF moments before, in which they indicated that the association is “owner of the audiovisual transmission rights of Liga 1”. However, in the same letter “recognizes and validates” the first contract signed with CFP.

And even though they were offered legal and financial help in case of facing any action by that company, the eight clubs remain firm in their decision. On the other hand, twelve other teamsled by Sporting Cristal, They were in favor of the Peruvian Football Federation to get the television rights.

In this way, both Gabriel Costa and the rest of his teammates and profession in soccer in that country are in suspense in the face of such a situation.