The trans-Andean press destroys its sub 20 team

The Argentine team came under more than pressure to the South American Sub 20, because the world championship achieved by the adult set the bar high for the team led by Javier Mascherano.

And although they are different categories and different championships, on the other side of the mountain range they hoped that they would at least go to the final hexagonal that will deliver tickets for the World Cup in Indonesia and the Pan American Games that organizes our country. And not that they fell to Colombia and were eliminated in the group round.

“The team led by Mascherano suffered another crash, the third in the tournament, in four games, and says goodbye leaving a pale image, although he was the one who proposed the most in the decisive duel. It only served to win to reach the final hexagonal ”, he described The nation of that country and in its title it was possible to read: “A hard hit. For blooperArgentina lost to Colombia and was eliminated of the South American Sub 20″.

With the latter he referred to the only goal of the match, at 75′ Juanda Fuentes scored for the coffee growers, who olé detailed as follows: “The local took advantage of a counter in which they were stopped four against two and the goalkeeper, Franco Herrera made a huge mistake by not being able to contain a weak shot. A mistake similar to the one made by goalkeeper Federico Gomes Gerth in the first gameagainst Paraguay (1-2)”.

The same medium added that “the low levels, the lack of operation and rude errors were a constant in a competition in which the team did not have an identity”.

Lastly, the journal Popular explained that “the errors condemned the Argentine National Team Sub-20 to stay out of the South American. Although he had chances in the last match of Group A against Colombia, He was wrong again and paid for it with the elimination: the host attacked him only once as a counterattack in the second half and converted due to a blunder by goalkeeper Franco Herrera”.

Immediately afterwards, he concluded that “once again the imprudence, carelessness and inexperienced resolutions ultimately left him on the canvas.”