The three players who could leave the U. de Chile

The U will have a complex end of the year. The blue team has their mind set on saving the category and something will happen that has been frequent in recent years: not being able to plan the next season because it is not known what will happen to the team in the current tournament.

University of Chile running in 13th place, just two points from the relegation zone, and everything indicates that he will fight until the end with Deportes Antofagasta, Deportes La Serena and Coquimbo Unido. At the same time, Three players are attentive to what may happen, since their contractual relationship with the university team ends in December.

The three U players who end their contract

– Martin Parra: The goalkeeper arrived despite the fact that the previous coach and sports manager Manuel Mayo were looking for another name. He is on loan until December, he has added a couple of summonses and logic indicates that the assignment will not be extended nor will they buy him.

– Alvaro Brun: After a poor first semester, the Uruguayan improved his performance since he started playing defense. His level in this part of the year has left everyone satisfied, but that does not guarantee that after December he will continue.

-Junior Fernandes: Since he returned, the attacker has not been able to establish himself as a starter. His performance has been questioned, just like that of the other two forwards. From the dealership they comment to AS that he has a high salary to be a reserve. His continuity is in doubt.

And Philip Seymour?

The blue captain has a contract until December 2023. There has been much speculation about his future and the fact that once his career is over, he will continue to be linked to Azul Azul. Unless the contract is reformulated in January, Seymour could continue to wear the U shirt.

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