The three candidates who will run for the presidency of the ANFP

Key hours are lived in the definition of the candidates who will run for the presidency of the ANFP. This Thursday ends the deadline for the registration of the lists and, until today, everything indicates that there will be three candidates who will contest the election, as revealed by ADN radio.

The first is the current president of the ANFP Pablo Milad. A few days ago he announced, the current helmsman announced his reappointment for the position, arguing that several clubs had suggested that he continue at the helm of the board.

Milad’s opponents will be Lorenzo Antillo, former president of Audax Italiano, and surprisingly now the candidacy of Fernando Aguad, who was president of Palestino for several years, also emerged. This last candidacy was not in the calculations and apparently emerges as a consensus alternative to Milad and Antillo’s candidacies.

According to DNA information, Aguad carries out intense efforts to form the list and thus manage to register it before the deadline. One part of this management has had to do with the governance proposal that he will propose and the other has been related to contacts with leaders of the different clubs to gain support for the elections.