The television crane continues: they assure that a recognized face will leave Mega to join Channel 13

A new shock on television. During this Wednesday’s chapter of I beatthe journalist Sergio Rojas revealed that an important face will leave Mega to join Channel 13.

After the changes in the television houses of José Luis Repenning, Karen Doggenweiler and Gonzalo Ramírez, they still wanted more surprises before the end of the year.

The communicator surprised the studio by releasing new information about the departure of a well-known celebrity from the Mega screens. “The person who leaves the channel, she leaves very hurt, because they tell me that this face had felt undervalued, ignored and to a certain extent betrayed,” Rojas assured.

Along the same lines, he added that “that person is a face A (of television)”.

For his part, Daniel Fuenzalida added that this face “would already be 99.9% signing his other television house (…) he would not leave for coexistence, but rather out of personal conviction, he would return to his television home where he was born. ”.

The face that would be changed would be Diana Bolocco, who would return to Channel 13 as revealed by Rojas.

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“A very important person on television points out to me the following: ‘Diana has not wanted to comment on anything but in her circles she points out that incredible things are coming, this because she has a valid contract,'” the communicator explained.

According to the journalist, one of the reasons for going to Canal would be because “the extreme welcome given to Karen Doggenweiler was a slap in the face for Diana Bolocco.”

At the panel, Fuenzalida pointed out that if this were the case, the way would be opened for Channel 13 to bring the program back. Vertigo with Diana and Martin Carcamo.

Finally, Rojas assured that another source confirmed that “Diana would be upset by the great hype that was given to Karen’s arrival.” Adding that another thing that led her to make her decision was “Mega at the time she denied the existence of other projects for her.”