The team that would be close to being champion without VAR

Curicó Unido would be the pointer of the 2022 Championship, and would be very close to the title, if there were no video arbitration in Chilean football. The torteros would have five more points and Colo Colo, who this Sunday could be champion in Coquimbo, would add five less.

This table is very direct and considers all the situations in which the appearance of the VAR changed the result of the match. This means goals disallowed, goals validated and penalties scored, after a charge reviewed by the VAR.

Video arbitration came to do justice in Chilean soccer and, in most cases, managed to avoid the classic football mistakes. However, since its establishment in 2020, the controversies have not ended and have even increased with the introduction of technology.

Position table without VAR: First Division Championship 2022

colo colo It would not be a pointer of the 2022 Championship if the VAR was not there. The white cast would have five points less without video arbitration and would occupy second place, with 51 points, behind Curicó Unido, which would add 52.

El Cacique added points with VAR appearances on dates 3 (1 against Audax Italiano), 16 (1 against Everton), 18 (3 in the victory against Audax that would have been a defeat without the goal validated by Lucero and the agonizing penalty by Costa) and 27 (1, against Curicó Unido). Los albos only lost one point on matchday 9, in a 2-1 loss against Unión Española, with Leonardo Gil disallowed a goal.

In the case of United Curico, lost two points against U on matchday 7, three against Palestino on matchday 23 (they would have won 2-1 and not lost by the same scoreline with Bayron Oyarzo’s disallowed goal and Bryan Carrasco’s penalty) and two against Colo Colo on the last date, since the Cacique scored with another penalty that warned the video arbitration. In favor, he added a point against Everton (date 5) and the Arabs (date 8).

Another big change involves Evertonwhich would be third without the VAR, with 45, unseating Ñublense who is fourth in this particular table with 44 units. The roulette players are the team that has lost the most points due to video arbitration (7), while Unión La Calera is the one that has added the most (6).